Course accompanying Assessments

Course accompanying assessments take place, amongst others, for the following course types:

  • Lecture
  • Lecture with practical course
  • Lecture with internship
  • Exercise
  • Practical course
  • Seminar
  • Project
  • Block course
  • Field studies
  • Field trip

Achievements of course accompanying assessments are given by the lecturers according to the principle “pass” or “fail” or evaluated with a mark. Achievements are the responsibility of the lecturers answerable for the course and usually take place at the end of the lecture period.

Students are automatically registered for course accompanying assessments by registering for the course in the Online-Services MOnA (MOnline Account). If a student does not wish to complete the assessment, a deregistration of the course is needed by the course registration deadline.

Details of the assessments are given early in the course directory.

If the assessment is insufficient, the course can usually be taken again two semesters later and the assessment reattended. The number of assessments is usually not limited as long as the credit points have not been earned.

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